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Transportation along Paraná´s Coast

Transportation in Ilha do Mel & Paraná´s Coast

Getting to Ilha do Mel or any place in Paraná´s coast is easy since many transportation options available. 

Our Paraná coast transportation guide below will tell you all you need to know about getting to and getting around Paranagua, Ilha do Mel, Morretes, Antonina, Superagui and Guaraqueçaba. To help you see and experience the best that these beautiful destinations have to offer, we have many Paraná coast tours and activities available. We also have some great general travel information about getting to, from and around Brazil.

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Paraná Coast Transportation Guide:

Getting there

By air

The nearest airport is in Curitiba (CWB).  For transport from the airport to the city (or from the city to the airport), we recommend Green Path Transfers, who offer eco-friendly airport transfers in hundreds of destinations around the world.

By car

Estrada da Graciosa (PR-410): to Morretes and the coast in general

If you are coming by car, especially from São Paulo, a wonderful way to reach Paraná´s coast is via the scenic road "Estrada da Graciosa." To reach it, you need to leave Curitiba heading towards São Paulo on BR-116 or BR-376. Remain alert on this road, as there are many trucks in transit here! Some kilometres after passing Quatro Barras, you will see the sign for "Estrada da Graciosa" and a decorative entryway in colonial style. From here until Morretes, you will drive along an ancient road paved with asphalt and stones. Make sure you plan plenty of time so you can enjoy the views along this road; you can make stops to rest and take photos. Before reaching Morretes, you will pass through São João da Graciosa and Porto de Cima. Plan a stop in Morretes to try "barreado", the typical dish of Paraná: beef stew served with rice and bananas. 

After arriving in Morretes, you can easily reach Paranaguá, Antonina, Guaraqueçaba, Pontal do Sul or any other destination in Paraná´s coast.

Highway BR-277: to Paranaguá and the coast in general

Another good option, for arriving by car, is taking the BR-277. From downtown Curitiba, follow the signs to Jardim Botânico and BR-277 to Paranaguá. Keep alert for the road sign "Paranaguá," since this highway does not cross the city and the other direction is heading towards "Ponta Grossa or Foz do Iguacu" – the completely wrong direction!

This is a toll-road and it costs about R$13/car. There are many trucks on this road as well - be careful! The landscapes here are also great and take time to a stop to try “caldo de cana” – fresh made sugar-cane juice.

On this road, pay attention to the signs leading to your destination of choice.

PR-340 – to Antonina and Guaraqueçaba

The road to Antonina begins in Morretes and leads through lush vegetation until this beautiful town. The first road track from Antonina to Guaraqueçaba (until Tagaçaba) is in decent conditions, but the last section is only recommended for cars with 4-wheel drive. As there is no cell-phone signal in the area, make sure you are well prepared for the trip because if you do have a problem, you might wait awhile for help.

PR-407 / PR-412– to Pontal do Sul / Pontal do Paraná

Starting from BR-277, you will reach the PR-407 and later on the PR-412 that leads to Pontal do Sul. Since there are many homes along this road, plan ample extra time, as the traffic runs slowly; especially in the high season, as many summer residents traffic on this road.

PR-508 - to Matinhos, Caiobá and Guaratuba

Starting from BR-277, you will take PR-508 to Matinhos, Caiobá and Guaratuba. This road runs along the Saint-Hilaire National Park. After crossing Caiobá, you will reach the ferry-boat that will lead you to Guaratuba.

By train

The scenic train from Curitiba to Paranaguá runs only on Sunday. Another alternative is to take it until Morretes the other days and to take a regular bus from Morretes to Paranaguá (leaving almost every hour). There are different wagon categories. You can book your ticket in the tourist category (with Portuguese speaking guide on board) or in the executive category (with English/Portuguese speaking guide on board and larger windows) with us.

The special deluxe train "Great Brazil Express," only has 22 seats and air conditioning, stops in Santuário do Cadeado and only leaves Curitiba on Saturday and Sunday.

Check out our tour options starting from Curitiba: Train Tour Curitiba Morretes, Join-in train Tour Turista, Join-in Train Tour Executive.

By bus

There are buses leaving daily from Curitiba to Paraná´s coast. The bus company Graciosa embarks from Rodoferroviária (terminal Estadual). Book your bus ticket in advance. Contact us for this service!

By boat

To Ilha do Mel: the most frequent boats leave from Pontal do Sul. Regular boats leave from 8 am to 4 pm in the low season and from 8am to 6 pm in the high season. If you plan to arrive later, it is better to book a private transfer to the island. Contact us for this service!

There are boats departing from Paranaguá twice a day in the low season and five times a day in the high season.  For any further question regarding the boat schedule, please contact us.

Once at Ilha do Mel, you can rent a boat to get from one place to the other on the island. The boats charge a fixed price and you can start at Encantadas, Brasília or Fortaleza.

The island has not a single car or road on it. You can walk on sandy trails or you can rent a bicycle.

To Superagui: the regular boats are not reliable, as the schedule can change on short notice. For this destinationm we strongly recommend private boats. You can book your private transfer with us.

To Guaraqueçaba: there are regular boats twice a day leaving from Paranaguá at 9 am and 1 pm, both from Rua da Praia, the street in front of the Ethnological Museum. Pay attention because there are two different piers, at a distance of about 200 m apart.  The boat ride takes between 2 and a half and 3 hours.

Getting around

By rented car

There are car rentals in Paranaguá, but in case you arrive in Curitiba before getting to the coast, it might be less expensive to rent your car in Curitiba.

By bus

There are regular buses between Paranaguá and all coastal towns, as Paranaguá is the most important town in the region.

Between the islands

You can rent a boat to take you from one island to another. Pay attention to the boat conditions and ask your hotel or guesthouse about the most reliable option.

Bus company

Viação Graciosa
Curitiba and coastal towns
Website: http://www.viacaograciosa.com.br

Train company

Serra Verde Express
Avenida Arthur de Abreu, 124 Paranaguá
Tel: 41 3422 8817

Boat company

Boats to Superagui
Boats to Guaraqueçaba
Boats to Ilha do Mel
In Pontal do Sul: Tel.: 41 3455 2616 In Paranaguá: Tel.: 41 3425 6325
Tel: 41 3455 2616 / 41 3425 6325

Private transfers

Special Paraná Turismo
Av. Luiz Xavier, 68 cj. 1314 Curitiba
Tel: 41 3232 1314
Email: info@specialparana.com